Speed and the Power to Slow Down

Dr. Adrian Rogers said, “Let GOD lead”. In Psalm 23:2: “He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside the still waters.”  LIfe is filled with ‘hustle’. GOD has promised to provide for HIS OWN, and in order for GOD to do so, we must let HIM LEAD. In order to let HIM LEAD, we must stop. If we are being led by GOD, then in order to be still, we must STOP AND REST. That seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Our motivation is to work for our bread and that means GO, GO, GO!  When I was actively involved in endeavor, I hardly truly ‘stopped’ and ‘let GOD’. OH, I would do so once or twice a week, like Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting or Sunday Service. All the rest of the week, I was WORKING. With three jobs (teaching, church choir and broadcasting) I never took a vacation since I was the ‘fill-in’ for broadcasters who were on vacation. As I look back, I wish I had heeded what Dr. Rogers taught. Now that I have slowed down to a shuffle, I have time to glean good stuff. I have discovered the joy of reading. I start my day with a “Thank You, LORD” for allowing me to serve HIM”. Then I take my quiet time and allow HIM to speak to me through HIS HOLY WORD. Then I ‘supervise’ the daily ‘going out’ and feeding of two pups. Then I have my first cup of good coffee. Then I prepare breakfast and get my lady off to work. Then I do a few chores or snip a quilt. Then I watch a little TV. Then i read some good fiction. Then I recline in my recliner with MattieT in my lap and then we all snooze. Well, you get the idea. Through all this ‘hustle’, I rest and listen. You never know what exciting ideas come from ‘resting and listening’. They all appear here, donchaknow. Psalm 23:2 says it much better than I: “He maketh me to LIE DOWN in green pastures: He LEADETH me beside the still waters”. 

God, grant us the wisdom to stop and listen, resting only ln your word and on YOUR promise, to meet our needs. AMEN

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