Billy and his Bow

Bill Arhos was a character.  He was a most delightful gentleman with a off-the-wall sense of humor. With his super intellect, he would come up with some strange thoughts and actions. I recall many times when, during a conversation, I would notice that Bill had a very far away look in his eyes. He was on a differenet wave length that could last for a while. He also had trouble shaving. Practically every morning, he would appear with bits of toilet tissue covering nicks, but would never consider using an electric razor. He would visit us at Channel 3 and end up running camera. The only thing he couldn’t handle was being in front of the camera. He suggested that I allow him to do the sports once. Once was all it took. I was running camera, gave Bill his cue and……..he froze…looking right at the camera..not moving a muscle, not even blinking for nearly a minute…control room went to a commercial and Bill came over, took control of the camera and I took his place, finishing the sports report. He never wanted to be on camera again. He took a teaching position at Lamar Junior High and was constantly late to class. The tardy that cost him his job was during deer hunting season in Bryan. Brazos County is a hunter’s paradise. Deer roam all over that river bottom. Bill loved to hunt with a bow and arrow. On this particular day, he drove out to his favorite hunting spot, thinking he had plenty time before his class was to begin. He drove a Peugeot with a sun roof. As he was driving very slowly, he spotted a buck just emerging from some brush. He grabbed his bow and slowly stood up, took aim and dropped a very nice five-point deer.  He knew he didn’t have time to field dress, so he tied the buck on the hood of his car and took off for Lamar. He had no idea as to just how late he was. Class had begun and the principal was covering for Bill. I had been called from the office to see if I knew what was wrong, when up drove Mr. Arhos, deer and all.  A substitute was called in so that Bill could take his deer to be dressed. Mr. Arhos’ contract was not renewed, but he went on to fame as the creator of Austin City Limits at the public television station on the campus of the University of Texas. My son reminds me of the many nights we would go frog gigging after the news. Bill would take his Bow and Arrow and we would carry flashlights. Bullfrog’s eyes are like tail lights when struck by the beam of a flashlight. Bill would get as many as six or eight nice sets of frog legs. When the arrow hit, it pinned the frog well enough that we could walk over and drop the frog in a sack. We then took our ‘catch’ to my house and proceeded to prepare a mess of frog legs. Now, before you gag, let me assure you that when they are prepared properly, frog legs are simply delicious. (perhaps I should have warned you to finish your breakfast prior to telling this yarn).

Billy P. Arhos was a man who served rather than be served. He received many honors, but would never talk about them. Worthy of placement on anyone’s Hall of Honor, may he rest in peace. AMEN

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