Omnipotence and the White Tiger Cub

“Everywhere and the Same Time” pretty much describes GOD and since JESUS and GOD are one, then JESUS was there in the beginning. HE, too, knows everything about everything and everybody. Can you imagine having the Devine power to know every person and to know what every person is thinking or doing. Being the ultimate ‘mind-reader’ nothing mankind does is a surprise. That premise would indicate that with free will, nothing man does is preventable, but there is one little card that GOD/JESUS/The HOLY SPIRIT can play and that is conviction and invitation to repentance. We witnessed a plethora of ‘magic and mind-reading’ by professional entertainers over the twenty-plus-years in Las Vegas. These headliners performed astonishing feats right in front of our eyes. We couldn’t but gasp in awe, but none of these had the Omnipotence of JESUS CHRIST. A few of these magicians were professing Christians and they knew the truth of my statement. Others probably never gave thought to thanking GOD for life. When Mother came to live with us, we were treated to ring-side seats at “Beyond Belief”, featuring Siegfried and Roy and their white tigers at the Frontier. One of the tigers had just presented the duo with a precious white tiger cub and as they were completing the first act, Roy came off stage with the cub in his arms, walked over to our booth and allowed Mother to hold the cub. She accepted and refused to give it back. She said, “NO! you give it and I keep it!” the audience went nuts as this tiny little lady truly wanted the cub. We finally convinced her that he was only allowing her to pet the tiger and with a ‘humpfff’, she relinquished the cub. The audience booed, all in fun. (I would wager that Roy didn’t repeat the bit again and I know Mother never forgave him). JESUS met many on his Ministry Journey and really wasn’t surprised by any of them. He played the ‘anticipation’ card when told that his good friend, Lazarus had died. He delayed returning to Bethany and allowed the suspense to build before having the covering stone rolled from the tomb and with tears flowing down HIS precious face, called, “Lazarus, Come Forth!” And Lazarus did! All the while JESUS was setting up the event in order to make a strong statement as to HIS GODLY Power!  Some in attendance believed, but some (not a surprise to Our LORD) walked away thinking the man was filled with demonic power. Sadly, there are those today who believe in the tricks of magic on the stages of Las Vegas and refuse to believe in the power to save by GOD’s ONLY SON. Tragic?  AMEN

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