Family Circle March 31

I know you have heard the collection of “Bloopers” made by broadcasters and I have shared mine. On KPDN, Pampa in the late 50’s I totally shattered the airwaves when, instead of saying, “Mead’s Fine Bread Time is……Remember, always demand the best in bread”, I said, “…brest in bed” (there was a very pregnant pause before I could continue with a segue into music.Once, on televsion in Bryan, I commited the unpardonalbe broadcast sin when I got my consonants mixed when I tagged a bank commercial for “City National Bank”..I really ‘shhlipped up, royally. Troy will recall the night I made a grand entrance and walked to the sports desk through a door, when closed, had a big “MEN” sign on it. (Just to name a few) But, the one I love most was by my dear friend and fellow broadcaster, Tru Hawkins. The Sands in Vegas had Bobby Berosini as one of their star attractions. His act featured Orangutans and it was hilarious. We had a commercial for the Sands and it had a tag line; “Now Starring Bobby Berosini and his Orangutans”.  Tru opened the mic and in his best ‘announcer’s voice’ said, “Now Starring Bobby Berosini and his Orange Youtins”.  Kdawn’s phones were lighting up for nearly an hour. Tru’s blooper will long live in radio history in Las Vegas. To his credit, Tru was a good sport whenever it came up and it did come up a lot. Robert Goulet lived in Vegas and would come by on Sunday afternoons when I was playing music on KORK. He loved to select my playlist and comment on each of the recordings. Bob really goofed on the National Anthem for one of  Ali’s championship fight and it followed him for years. The first Sunday he was my ‘guest’, and his only stipulation was that I never mention that goof-up. I understood how he felt since I ‘rewrote’ The Lord’s Prayer once while singing for a wedding in College Station. Every broadcaster learned from ‘bloopers’ and the most painful thing about it is that it reminds them of their human weakness. That brings me to the real reason for this Blog: Praise GOD, there will be no more night and no more pain and no more suffering of any kind and no more “Bloopers” in Heaven”!  AMEN

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