Young Man! You are Disgusting!

I awakened this morning (PTL) and was greeted by barely clothed young girls doing some sort of ‘hoochie’ and young men bragging about being ‘drunk’ and having so much FUN!  Where are parents or guardians or someone with some sense of ‘upbringing’ today?  Is this what bringing up a child by a village accomplishes? For Pity’s Sake! We even have gunshot victims among the masses. I want you to check with my adults who now have young adults of their own. I will not speak for them,but I can assure you  that they were on a pretty tight string and would have never been caught dead cavorting and displaying skin like i saw this morning. Not only should parents be accountable for this debauchery, but anyone who sold intoxicating beverage to any underage youngster( and there were a plethora of those) should be placed in stocks on the city square and lashed on bare buttocks by the parents who DO care. Mardi Gras doesn’t hold a candle to the disgusting action of our youth while enjoying a study break provided by the ultimate sacrifice of my Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. I pray for empty beaches and sober teens today.  AMEN

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