Dear Harrison Ford,

I am pleased that you were skilled enough to avoid injury, or worse, when your vintage plane became troubled. I know there was a wee small voice whispering, even over the adrenaline rush, “Harrison? It’s time for a soul-check”. I am certain you considered doing just that as you bumped along the fairway, but then when all the tatter and turbulence ceased, you probably forgot the whole thing and thought, “How fortunate I am this good at flying”, or such. Reports are that you are ‘mending’ and your son says that you are very strong and will soon return, good as new. Your ‘spokesman’ simply brags on your courage and witnesses laud your ability to control things in the face of disaster. The neighbors of that golf course may not have been fans, but I assure you they will not miss another of your pictures. You may be at peace within your soul, Harrison, but if you have fallen to false teaching, I can assure you that GOD has spared you for a reason. My prayer is that you will bring HIS sunlight into your soul, today. You think you have been a beacon of good up until now, but you’ve not scratched the surface of blessing others. Oh, and by the way, you might give Tom Brady and call and suggest it best to have wings and an engine the next time he flies off a cliff, but then again, you did and look where it got you. The BIBLE says where two or more are gathered in HIS name, HE will hear and answer their prayer. I can assure you there are more than two lifting your name right now, because HE LIVES and CARES for YOU and so do millions of others. May the LORD bless you and keep you, Harrison.  AMEN

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