Breakfast, Burgers, Bojangles ‘n Buddies

One of my most fun times is sharing a meal with friend and family. We are fortunate to have some of our family nearby for rejuvenation, now, but it wasn’t  until Vegas that I began to enjoy occasional ‘eating out’ with other men. Dr. David C. Brown was our Pastor at Desert Hills and he always had IHOP ‘Buy one get one free’ coupons. We had some great times talking theology and sharing great pancakes. Tony Forehand was Co-pastor with David, beginning as Youth Minister and finally Co-pastor with David. He and I enjoyed breakfast at the “50’s Diner” on Flamingo Road. Tony is now Pastor at Grace Baptist Church, a church he organized in North Las Vegas some ten years ago. After a career in the Air Force and stationed at the “secret place in the desert”, Tony and his wife made ‘Jesus’ Ministry’ theirs. No matter how hard I tried, my good friend would only grin at my attempts to get facts about Area 51. I miss my ‘Tony Talks’ a lot. Now, I have a new buddy named Chuck, who is our HOA president, an honorable man and former teacher, who loves Bojangles’ chicken tenders as much as I. His friendship and my Clan have been a great comfort, but I still miss those ‘Tony Talks’, donchaknow?
For the beauty of the and family and good friends, LORD, Thank You! AMEN

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