Family Circle March 30

In addition to my parents, there are several men and women who have had a positive impact on my life. I am grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge them.  At the onset, I must acknowledge all the accompanists who unselfishly made some very good concerts and performances possible. These are and were most precious, some sacrificing the opportunity to ‘sing’ whenever accompaniment was needed. GOD BLESS!  There is a long list of kin, lead by my mother’s sister, Aunt Myrtle (donchaknow) Jones of Idabel, Oklahoma whose heart was bigger than the sky and whose hugs were like a feather pillow. Then there was my dad’s dad, D. T. (Buster) Austin who was constantly building something for me and was a genius with a hammer and saw. Pastors who made a difference began with R. L. Lamb who baptized me in 1937 at First Baptist Church, Mount Pleasant, Texas; William Andrews and Bailey Stone at First Baptist Church, Bryan, Texas; Jim McIlroy at First Southern in Vegas; David C. Brown, a Preacher’s Preacher and dear friend at Desert Hills in Vegas; Tony Forehand, my Saturday morning breakfast buddy,now at Grace Baptist in Vegas; Jerry Barber and Jeff Kiziah and the Men of Harvest for the caring look through my window. Raymond Hollingsworth in Amarillo, Texas for giving me a second chance in broadcasting. Dexter Riddle,  Charles Lindsay and George Conrey for making me complete the course and inspire me to teach. Knox Kinard for taking a chance on a rookie teacher. H. Wilson(Cheesy)Cook for being honest to a fault; Jesse(Red)Burditt for just being himself; Travis B. Bryan, Jr for casting a long shadow in the lives of so many; Dr. Paul Hensarling and his encouragement; Dr. Earl Jones for too many reasons to count; William C(Pete)Broussard for his loving heart; William C Broussard, Jr. for being a ‘straight arrow’; Martha, Steven, An d’ Lis, Jeanie, Kimberly, Kim, Alan, Darin, Ilysa, Trammel, Quincy, Jordan, Jason, Austin, Marilyn, Melanie, Steve, Seth and SaraBeth in whom I am well pleased; Susan, OH dear Susan, a Proverbial Jewel and the wind beneath my wings; Sonny and Judy Broussard and my Carolina Clan with their open arms and hearts; For following Matthew 28,Don and Sai Hill (Thailand) and Justin and Natalie Barber(Asia) AND YOU, my Circle of Friends. But through all my years, I must give Thanks to my Loving GOD and precious SON, JESUS CHRIST, without whom I would be nothing. Of course, as I post this, I will think of some who should be listed such as Troy and Janet Dungan and Bob and Veva Huffaker for loving us, warts and all.  Finally, to Chuck, Anne, Teresa, Don and Jennifer, for the joy of unselfish serviceto over two hundred neighbors. To GOD be the Glory! AMEN

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