Family Circle March 29

When I was growing up in East Texas, the Masonic Lodge was considered a most honorable organization. Only Masons knew of the secret ritual and Shriners were respected supporters of hospital care for children.  Our Pastor at Mount Pleasant First Baptist Church was the Worshipful Master of the Temple Lodge.  Young sons and daughters were encouraged to participate in DeMolay and Rainbow Girls. My father and mother were active in their Lodges.  My dad had a memory that was surprising. He knew all the rituals of both the Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star. As Worthy Patron, he was in demand all over Texas for induction of officers in various Lodges. When I reached the age of 21 Daddy began to ‘hint’ for me to join Temple Lodge. I had no idea of what that entailed, but once I began the learning process, I was troubled, deeply troubled. None of Masonry is written down. There were specific Masons  allowed to teach each step, verbally. Mine was one of the most respected ‘teachers’ in the Lodge.  There are degrees in Masonry and each is attained by displaying one’s knowledge of the ‘rites’ before the main Lodge.  I had reservations with all the memory work, but being an obedient son, I progressed all the way to Master Mason.  Temple Lodge was comprised of the movers and shakers of Mount Pleasant with Pastors, Deacons and Public School Administrators and successful Businessmen. It was the thing to do.  I know I disappointed by parents when, even though they paid my dues for years, once I achieved Master Mason, I never attended a Lodge again. I have no way of knowing the spiritual condition of anyone other than myself. I have been forgiven through the blood of JESUS for my mistakes. I have long been in prayer for the souls of those precious ones who participated in like ‘secret orders’.  The BIBLE teaches “By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them” and I can assure you the fruit on the trees within the Orchard of Sam and Mattie Austin had the limbs weighted down. Praise GOD for whom THOSE Blessings Flow!  AMEN

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