Family Circle March 28

In John Chapter 10, JESUS describes himself as the “Good Shepherd”.  Simply because sheep are docile and appear rather dumb, they are most discerning when it comes to recognizing their shepherd.  JESUS likened all of His Children unto sheep.  Believers recognize the voice of Our LORD, but it requires us to listen carefully.  The noise of the world is deafening compared to the still, small voice of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Even though a flock will simply follow the one in front, they will refuse to respond to any other voice than that of their true shepherd.  They simply must ‘listen’; keep their mouth shut and listen.  Christians should stand stock still when urged by any other than the voice of our Shepherd.  HE is always with us, at our side, but never behind, shoving.  Walking in the SPIRIT requires FAITH in the WORD. Once I know GOD’s plan, I know the direction. The HOLY SPIRIT is the best GPS I can have. When listening to HIS VOICE, I will never wander about, seeking. My destination is within reach and even though my path be filled with obstacles, as long as I stay with GOD’s course for my life, I am assured a resting place under HIS wings. JESUS is our HAVEN of REST. “I’ve anchored my soul in the Haven of Rest. I will sail the wild seas no more. The tempest may sweep o’er the wild, stormy deep. In JESUS, I’m safe evermore.”  AMEN

A Personal Message for our Congressman to share with the Finance Committee —B-D-O!

One thought on “Family Circle March 28

  1. Jim, it is a sincere pleasure to read your daily blog. It seems that with age, we do mellow and as you said, with God as our GPS, the road becomes smooth and easy to follow. Thank you for including me in your daily “musings”.


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