Family Circle March 27 “Turning Corners”

There are some very serious consequences for nations who drift away from GOD.  All through the Bible, GOD demonstrates great Mercy for ‘drifters’, but there is a limit to HIS patience.  Men have done all they could to obliterate each other.  The Jewish nation continues to have a big bull’s eye painted on it. Our own country seems to draw a bunch of folk intent on doing us harm. Folks have gone about doing each other in for centuries and I expect that situation will continue until GOD has had enough.  As Christians, we have some knowledge of just how all this will turn out and we also know who will win out.  Over two thousand years ago, GOD made it possible for any and all to be part of the Victory Celebration – No Charge.  Most people have ignored every warning and will continue to do so.  JESUS didn’t come on a white charger brandishing a mighty sword.  He had no armor, carried no spear and didn’t shoot one arrow.  He loved on folk.  He healed and restored life. He wept over a city gone astray and He conquered death and destruction of souls – No Charge.  He promised to never leave those who believe in HIM, but He will not force anyone to accept HIS free gift.  Our FATHER GOD simply wiped out those who had been given every opportunity to follow HIS way of living, but JESUS came to seek and save a lost and dying world.  Sermons and Songs cannot save.  Every man, woman and child will be given opportunity to heed the quiet, still voice of the HOLY SPIRIT – a voice that has been whispering the same message, to any who will listen, for centuries.  The door to salvation doesn’t have a knob on the outside.  The gentle knock continues along with the whispered promise of life eternal but the door may only be opened from ‘inside’.  If you know of someone who is in need of THE SAVIOR, why not ask, “Why Not?”  Almost Persuaded is a tragic condition and there are just too many there today.  GOD, be merciful, right here, right now. AMEN  

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