March 25 “The Auschwitz Escape” by Joel Rosenberg

Lately, I’ve been into Joel C Rosenberg’s novels.  I just completed this one.  He says it was a most difficult ‘historical’ piece and I understand him, totally.  The death camps of the Nazis in WWII are simply too horrible to consider.  Rosenberg’s novel is based on the Jewish Underground and their attempt to thwart the transportation of thousands of Jews daily.  The story has to do with one family living in Germany, who was instrumental in causing an up-roar in the Nazi scheme of things, resulting in one of them being accidentally included among prisoners in a death train.  I had never considered the fact that there were escapes from those camps, but evidently there were.  The masses of soldiers assigned ‘guard duty’ were not so concerned with keeping the prisoners within the barbed wire, but to prevent nosey reporters from seeing what atrocities were committed within the walls.  The difficulty of the author is obvious to the reader.  The horror of the mass murder by Hitler and his Hateful Horde is beyond comprehension.  The bravery of those who gave their lives in an attempt to let the world know of it was unbelievable.  What made it possible for the mass murder to continue was the failure of those outside to heed the messages sent (in code) from those within.  Hitler came within hours of completing his goal simply because ‘people didn’t want to get involved’.  How often we have witnessed tragedy due to complacency.  We get into debt simply because we fail to heed the warning signals of ‘over spending’.  I am suffering from cigarette abuse even though I knew it was harmful.  I failed to maintain an active lifestyle because I’d rather sit than step.  It is easy to fault those who create problems for themselves and others, when we have many habits on which to focus.  My problems amount to nothing compared to those who are hopelessly lost without JESUS.  I shout it and count on HIS promise every minute.  I awakened this morning, praising GOD for HIS Mercy and Grace and sing, “Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD GOD Almighty!  All the world proclaim Thy Name from earth to sky to sea. …GOD in Three Persons, blessed Trinity!”  Get all excited and tell somebody that JESUS SAVES, today and get out of our Pity Party.  Amen? AMEN!

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