The Book in the drawer

I have not been in many motel/hotel rooms since the tour, but I would not be surprised at the removal of Gideon Bibles from the bedside drawers.  Gideons were/are business/professional men and their wives who support sharing the Word of GOD in providing Bibles through Gideon International.  It is their way of following CHRIST’s ‘Great Commission’.  The name of their organization is that of one of GOD’s chosen men of faith. In Judges 6 and 7, it is reported that GOD’s chosen people did evil and once again were subjected to cruel and abusive treatment by Midianites.  Their very food supply would be stolen by raids.  It was a very dark time in Israel’s history.  Gideon was a young man who was thrashing wheat in a secret place when the “Angel of The LORD” dropped in for a visit.  Assured that he was not in any trouble, Gideon was surprised to learn that GOD had chosen him to lead an army to restore his nation by driving out the huge forces of the Midianites.  Just as you or I would be suspect of any hope of victory against a multitude of armed invaders, Gideon asked for a sign that GOD was indeed behind his effort.  He didn’t get one sign, but asked and received others.  He started out with a large army and ended up with only 300 men to fight against hordes.  The exciting account is in Judges 7.  Gideon was young and small in stature, yet he was used by GOD to do a mighty thing.  From the first day I stepped into a classroom, literally facing the ‘unknown’, I always thought of Gideon and his willingness to be used of GOD.  I would have been much better off had I done the same in every other endeavor, but through it all, I have been blessed and upheld by GOD’s Mercy and Grace. I have absolutely no right to have crossed my 84th year on earth.  Stupidity has resulted in my not enjoying a healthy life as I should, but there is not one day that I do not Thank GOD for all He has done, through JESUS CHRIST my LORD!  Read Judges 6 & 7 and be encouraged!

Keepin’ ON Keepin’ ON!      AMEN